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  1. Register for an ACM Studio account ( – fill in all the required fields

  2. You will receive an email with your studio login details and Payment details. Proceed to the next steps to add your Model account(s).

  3. Log in at the Studio panel to access your account (

  4. Add NEW Models to your account – click on Models tab. On the right hand side you will see a link, Add New Model. Click on that link and add your models to your account.

For solo models, fill in (1) Required. For Couples/Lesbians, fill in (1) Required and (2) Optional. For Threesomes, fill in all 3. Their accounts will be pending. In order to approve their accounts, you will need to UPLOAD their Documents.

Fill in the Birth and ID Info of the model(s) then click Submit. You will receive this message, “The new account has been successfully registered. Thank you.” Click on Model List and then you may proceed to upload the model’s documents.

  1. Click on Documents. The following need to be uploaded:

    1. A valid government photo ID – acceptable IDs are the following: Passport, Driver's License, NBI Clearance, Postal ID, SSS ID.

    2. A signed Model Release form – you can download the form HERE.

    3. A photo holding the ID alongside the model’s face

    4. For Others, you may be required to submit the receipt of the ID that was uploaded and/or NSO Birth Certificate of the model for age verification.

Once we have received your model documentation, we will work on approving their accounts within the hour. You will be informed via email when their accounts have been approved. If the model account is "Rejected" then click on the model's "Profile" to see why it was rejected and what you need to do for us to work on the approval of your model.

Once your model account(s) have been approved, you will now need to create "Model Login", "Screen Names", and "Passwords". Log into your Studio account then click on "Sites" to the right of the model's name.

NOTE: You can only create 5 Login and Screen Names for Male Models and 7 Login and Screen Names for Female Models. Choose your Screen names well as you will not be able to change it once it has been created. The model may now log into their account and start chatting.

  1. They can access the model panel at this link, Login on the Left side for the Java sites. You will need to install Java before you can download the Performer software (Sidekick).

Old Java/ Sidekick:

New Java/Sidekick:

- Click on Free Java Download

- Click on Agree and Start Free Download

  1. Set chat rates, upload photos, view chats, tips and shop sales – It is very important that you upload NICE CLEAR PHOTOS of your new models so that they will attract members to your models rooms. To access the model panel, login here, on the Left side.

    1. Gallery – You may upload your model’s photos here. You will see a link, Add New Photo. Click on that link. You must have a title and description for each photo you add. The maximum file size is 300 kb. There is a limit of 40 photos in the photo gallery.

NOTE: Model photos dimensions limits:





**only jpg, bmp, gif, png files accepted***

    1. Chats and Shop sales – Your models can view their chats and shop sales from the model panel. Choose the start and end date and click submit. Revenue that is displayed is the gross earnings of your model.

    2. My Profile – includes the following: Account info, Personal info, Contact info and ID info.

NOTE: The model’s password may only be changed by the studio owner

    1. Account photos – Your model may choose 2 photos that will be displayed online. The Who's Live thumbnail (online photo – this is the photo that members see when they click on Who's Online tab) and the profile photo. Once again in order to attract members you will need to upload nice photos.

Your model's categories will be set depending on the type of photo you upload for their account photo.

Female models categories

Male models categories

NOTE: No Fake Photos, No Photos from other sites, No altered Photos. No using of other models Photos

  1. Chat Rates – This is where models can change their chat rates based on the different categories on the site. You will have to allow them permission to change their rates on the studio panel.

Edit Permissions include the following:

NOTE: The model can only change those features if the Studio owner has given them permission

  1. Studio Payment Details – to upload your beneficiary’s ID and/or Smart card, log into your studio account ( and click on Profile then click on Payment details on the Right side.

NOTE: If your Smart card is non-personalized, submit a photo holding the card alongside your face. The photo must be clear and the account number must be LEGIBLE. You may also submit a scan of the receipt from Smart.

You may upload the file(s) under Photo holding Smart card and/or Receipt.

NOTE: ALL IDs must be valid at least 3 months at the time of submission.

When Payment details request has been submitted, wait for a reply from Accounts within 24-72 hours. Do not come to Live Support until you have received a reply on your request.